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released May 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Rollerskating Queen New Bedford, Massachusetts

We have broken up.

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Track Name: Past Tense
Sad you’re still living in the past
Same old scene with the same supporting cast
Sidekicks, the cronies, the leader needs his flock
Dude when we were nineteen we really fucking rocked
Back in the day they all knew your name
In your microcosm things are still the same
Come on brother don’t you remember me
No respect in their eyes for you to fucking see

Rewind and press play
Then pause right away
Fast forward I missed
The tabs don’t’ exist
Track Name: Can't Undead
Looking somewhere to place the blame
From a hat you pull a name
The one that corrupted youth
Who cares about the fucking truth?!

He put the needle in his own arm
Still someone else did the the harm
To your grave you believed the lies
It's the junkie's fault when the junkie dies

Worked up to works
Only one thing works
Chasing that first high
Just mainline

Can’t undead
Can’t undead
Can’t undead
Can’t undead

Can’t undead him
Can’t undead him
Can’t undead him
Can’t undead him now
Track Name: Tear-Stained Champion
Staring at pills on the shelf
Tell the world you'll kill yourself
Never could do the chore
Just an attention whore

Cry for me
Cry for me
Cry for me
Tear-stained champion

Bullshit stories, bullshit past
Literally wore a fucking mask
As the tears stream down your face
Soak your fucking pillowcase
Track Name: Scissors
I take out the scissors
Jam them in your neck
The blood starts to pour
The world is turning red

It’s not my fault
You asked me to move
If you learned patience
You might still be alive

It’s perfectly natural
When under too much stress
To take out my scissors
And stab you in the neck